The 2017/2018 Patrol Roster is available by clicking the download link below.

The 2017/2018 Patrol Groups is available by clicking the download link below.

Hours of Patrol Operations

16 September 2017 to 3 December 2017
AM Patrol – 0630 to 1200
PM Patrol – 1200 to 1700

9 December 2017 to 28 January 2018
AM Patrol – 0630 to 1230
PM Patrol – 1230 to 1800

3 February 2018 to 7 May 2018
AM Patrol – 0630 to 1200
PM Patrol – 1200 to 1700

Club Captain’s Message

Welcome to the 2017/2018 Surf Life Saving Season.

The Club each season signs an agreement with the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, Sunshine Coast Surf Lifesaving Branch & Surf Life Saving Queensland to meet certain guidelines and minimum patrol requirements and as such must ensure that adequate volunteer numbers are available for each patrol.

It is a requirement that you attend ALL your rostered patrols. If you cannot make your patrol for any reason please refer to the guidelines below.

These are:

  1. You must arrive half an hour prior to your patrol start time, to sign on and be briefed by the Patrol Captain, otherwise you may not be able to sign on. You will be credited with this time.
  2. You must wear full patrol gear (patrol shorts, long sleeve patrol shirt, patrol skull cap and approved patrol sun hat/peaked cap – no third party peaked caps or hats can be worn as these now a part of the official sponsored patrol uniform,) at all times while patrolling, including IRB Driver and Crew whilst in the IRB.  The Patrol Captain will not allow you to sign on if you fail to wear the full patrol uniform.

You are required to wear sunglasses, and sunscreen – (which is available from the Beach Patrol Trailer). The water cooler is located in the Boatshed and we encourage all members to drink plenty of water especially during hot summer days, – bring a water bottle for replenishment.

  1. Whilst on patrol, there will be NO training for competition. Failing to obey this rule will result in your name being deleted from the days patrol log by the Patrol Captain.
  2. If you cannot attend your rostered patrol, you must obtain a substitute with similar qualifications to cover your patrol. “No shows” with “No sub” will result in communication from the club after the monthly patrol audits. If you do not communicate with the Patrol or Club Captain on this matter you may be issued with penalty patrols.  Patrol Hours are audited on a monthly basis, failure to meet the required amount of patrol hours at each audit without communication with the Club Captain, will result in you being withdrawn from competition until you have reached the required amount of patrol hours.
  3. You must complete the full patrol. Signing the logbook and leaving early (except with the permission of your Patrol Captain) is not acceptable.
  4. There will be no “make-up” patrols. If you need to obtain extra hours for competition this can be completed on Public Holidays and after consultation with the Club and Patrol Captains..
  5. Please look at your roster and if your patrol clashes with a Carnival, in which you wish to nominate, first obtain a substitute before nominating.
  6. Only ATV operator award holders and licensed operators are permitted to drive the ATV (4WD) vehicles.
  7. Competitors are advised to refer to the Competitors handbook for clarification on patrol hour requirements to avoid being withdrawn from carnivals due to lack of patrol attendance. It is the Mooloolaba SLSC Club Policy that members complete their rostered patrols and meet the club minimum patrol hours policy (see the club website) in the January to December calendar year (this IS NOT 25 hours) of which monthly patrol hour audits are undertaken and reported to the Management Committee.

Please ensure you are punctual and ready to start your patrol at the designated time arriving at least 30 minutes prior to the start time so that equipment checks can be completed. Note the change in patrol start / finish times during the season.

Once again, I thank you for your time this season and wish all members a successful and safe season.

John Lowe


Water Safety

All Nippers must wear a pink hi vis rash shirt & a coloured lycra cap during any board or iron training sessions – this is compulsory. Any parents or siblings with water safety qualifications (current SLSA Bronze Medallion or Surf Rescue Certificate) are encouraged to assist with water safety during all training sessions. Patrol hours will be allocated to membership records for water safety hours done only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The patrol log book in the nipper room must be signed by each member, then signed off by the Coach or Water Safety Officer, and then placed in the office drop box for hours to be allocated.

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