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With over 200,000 visitors to Mooloolaba Beach each year Mooloolaba Surf Life Saving Club is always looking for committed volunteers to become a life saver and patrol the beach. When you become a life saver, you are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to save a life. The course incorporates basic first aid, swimming and fitness, beach safety and marine theory to prepare you for a number of situations you might encounter both on and away from the beach. When you become a life saver, the skills you learn will last a life time and you never know when they will come in handy.

The Bronze Medallion

In order to become a life saver you need to complete your SLSA Bronze Medallion and Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue). You can complete this course at any Surf Life Saving Club in Queensland. Mooloolaba Surf Life Saving Club hosts two courses each season with the capacity to have 15 students in each course. For course times this season please check our training schedule.

Before you begin your course to become a life saver, you must complete some pre-requisites. These will be outlined at the compulsory induction night 3 weeks prior to the starting date of the course. One of the pre-requisites is completing a 400 metre pool swim in less than 9 minutes. The swim must be witnessed by a SLSA Assessor using this Pool Assessment Swim Form.

Cadets at Mooloolaba Beach

Course Topics

The course itself covers a range of topics and information you will require for patrols including:

  • Safety and well being
  • Surf awareness and skills
  • The human body
  • Resuscitation
  • Defibrillation and basic oxygen
  • First aid
  • Radio operations
  • Communications
  • Rescue techniques
  • Carries and supports
  • Patrols

Assessment is through demonstration, presentation and application of all elements of competency. Participants will be required to complete activities that may include role-plays, oral and written questioning, practical demonstrations and performing scenarios.

You must be older than 15 years of age to complete your Bronze Medallion. Younger people who want to become a life saver can complete their Surf Rescue Certificate and assist in patrols until they are old enough to take the Bronze.

Lifesavers training in CPR

Bronze Medallion / Cert II Public Safety

SLSA Pre-requisites:

  • 400m timed pool swim in under 9 minutes – Must be timed by a SLSA Assessor only.
  • Must have the current SLSA 34th Edition Training Manual
  • Resuscitation Bum Bag
  • Must attend the Induction Night prior to the course starting.

Interested in Gaining your Bronze Medallion?

Contact the Mooloolaba SLSC Office on 5452 3711 or head to sls.com.au/join

Your Commitment to life saving

Once you have completed your Bronze Medallion Training you will be assigned to a patrol group at Mooloolaba Surf Life Saving Club.

Each patrol group is assigned a patrol (usually one each month) and it will either be in the morning including setting up or in the afternoon including packing away. Members of the patrol group are expected to attend their patrol in full uniform and carry out patrolling duties learnt in their training including rescues and administering first aid.

If you would like to become a life saver at Mooloolaba Surf Life Saving Club, call us on 5452 3711 to enquire about course availability.

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